Bradley Marks

Bradley Marks

Managing Partner - Kansas City

Getting someone who is in pain to open their eyes to something new like stem cell therapy can be a challenge.  I'm living, breathing proof that it can work and that's exactly why I'm here, to help others get back to the lives they love.

Hailing from Manhattan, KS and an Alumni of Kansas State University’s School of Engineering, Brad Marks knows a thing or two about pain and recovery.  As a professional engineer and Vice President of Smith & Boucher Engineers in Kansas City,  Brad worked on large commercial building projects for over eighteen years.  

November 16, 2007 was a fateful morning when a devastating auto accident turned his world upside down and nearly took his life.  His body was completely crushed - resulting in fifteen intracranial hemorrhages and requiring five surgeries on his neck and shoulders.  Over a nine-year span of extreme difficulty, Brad developed a passion to help the suffering, born from his own suffering.

Facing yet another surgery, Brad decided instead to receive stem cell therapy, a decision that changed his life and allowed him to make leaps and bounds in his recovery.

Brad is excited about bringing stem cell therapy to Kansas City with the goal of helping people take back control of their lives, just as he did.  

In his free time, Brad enjoys time with his wife and two children. Visiting the ocean as often as possible, playing and watching baseball and attending live sporting events are some of their favorite activites.


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