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The Lonnie Hoops Story

Lonnie’s pain started back in early 2015. The pain was in his back, knees and shoulders He eventually noticed the pain in his upper back and shoulder started shooting down his arms. Lonnie was trying everything he could to ease his pain; Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, pain meds, but not much was working for him.  In August of 2015, he went and had an MRI performed and it showed he had degenerative disc disease and the bottom four discs were black from the severity of degeneration. Naturally, the Neurosurgeon suggested fusion with titanium rods.  If surgery wasn’t an option he liked, the doctor told him that the only other thing to do was live on pain meds and live with the pain.

“I didn’t want surgery,” Lonnie recalls. “Harvest was fast approaching and I didn’t have the several weeks to sit and rest for post-surgery recovery. Advil was all that seemed to take the edge off of my pain. I was taking 5 Advil every 2-3 hours. A much higher dosage than recommended, I realized, but it worked. Even with that medication I still couldn’t sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time. I would have to get up and pace due to the level of discomfort.”

Lonnie struggled but somehow was able to pull through the harvest season before continuing to search for pain relief. Luckily for him, one of his friends told him about Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center in Manhattan, KS and suggested he call to see if they could offer assistance in any way for him. After reviewing his images KRMC physicians decided that Lonnie was a good candidate and proceeded with the procedure.

November 19, 2015 Lonnie arrived at the KRMC clinic and was so anxious, he literally couldn’t stand still. After having his stem cells extracted, visiting with the staff and going to the pain management specialist, Dr. Peloquin, he was eager to start seeing results. Luckily for the anxious patient, he didn’t have to wait long. Several days after the procedure he started to see some relief.

Lonnie and his family attended a funeral four days after his procedure and he was able to sit on a wooden bench through the entire service, which was over an hour long. Prior to the procedure, that wouldn’t have even been an option.

Lonnie recalls the first time he noticed the stem cells working, “My wife looked at me after the service and asked in a surprised tone, ‘did you just sit through that entire service?’ I excitedly said, yes I did! I couldn’t believe how good I felt.”

Since his procedure, almost a year ago, he has a different life -style now. “I am able to play with the grandkids, play games and play ball with them. I can play golf again and ride my Harley. Last year I was unable to do any of this, I didn’t even consider attempting them, and this year it’s a complete 180. I was just getting by, but now I am living again. I remember being in so much pain that I was not a nice person. Being in pain causes you to be rude to others, and I was. Now that I am pain-free; I’m happy again.”

Because of the pain, he’s experienced in the past, Lonnie knows what pain looks like. He recently ran into a friend who was in pain and Lonnie stated that he could see the pain on his face and in his eyes. Naturally, he recommended him to KRMC to see if he had a chance to find comfort there  like he did a year ago.

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