What Do We Offer?

Stem Cells (SVF): We are an advanced, stand-alone stem cell therapy center offering Autologous Adipose (Fat) Derived Stem Cell Treatments to help people suffering from a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

Our Process

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Just fill out the simple candidate application form to see if  stem cell therapy is right for you.

Get Started

Step 1 - Get Started

You will first have a consultation with one of our physicians to review your medical history and specific condition.

Step 2 - Schedule a Time

If you are a candidate, we will coordinate your visit to our office located in Manhattan, Kansas.

Step 3 - Harvest Adipose (Fat)

We will perform a simple closed system lipoaspiration procedure completed under a local anesthetic.

Step 4 - Just Relax

After the fat harvesting has been completed, you will enjoy a private room designed to allow you to relax.

Step 5 - Deploy Stem Cells

We will accurately deliver the adult stem cells. The process takes less than four hours with very little to no pain.

Step 6 - Enjoy Life

Your physician will follow up with you after the procedure. Most people are back to work the next day.

Fun Human Facts

37.2 Trillion Human Cells

50 billion average fat cells

35 billion skin cells

2 billion heart muscle cells

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Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For You?

Stem cell therapy is showing exciting and amazing results.At Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center, we are seeing this first hand with the people we are treating everyday.To learn more about stem cell therapy, fill out our no obligation candidate form.

Candidate Form

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Mission Statement

Changing Lives Through Cutting Edge Technology

Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center is devoted to advancing access and quality care in the area of adult stem cell regenerative medicine in order to help people suffering from a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

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