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John Farley

John Farley


As a cattleman, I've been through my fair share of injuries.  I've suffered through multiple reconstructive knee and shoulder injuries so I know first-hand how painful and disruptive it is.  Stem cell therapy changed my life and now my focus is helping others do the same.

As a lifelong cattleman, an athlete, a coach and a father to four girls - John has always been active.  With that level of activity, it seems an injury or two was inevitable, but four reconstructive surgeries is a bit more than he was ready for.  "Injuries happen in the horse and cattle business all the time so you learn to take your licks, but surgery after surgery starts to take a toll on you physically as well as mentally."  


Time and time again, after surgery, John continued to feel joint deterioration and his level of discomfort seemed to grow exponentially.  "I was in a lot of pain.  It was stopping me from doing the things I loved to do; being a father, a grandfather, golfing, fishing.  Life in general seemed to be passing me by."


Instead of living in constant pain and movement restrictions, John decided to be proactive and began looking for alternative treatment methods. It was during this search that he learned about the innovations and success of regenerative medicine.  "It was time to do something.  I wanted my life back."

John sought out and received his treatment of adipose adult stem cells in May 2013 and by late July, he felt a significant improvement in his range of motion and with much less pain.  "It was unbelievable.  I played 36 holes of golf and felt great.  I don't think I could have pulled that off when I was 30!" 


As a result of this amazing recovery, John, along with his friend and fellow stem cell recipient Ken Woods, decided to open Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center in Manhattan, KS. with the goal to help other good, hardworking, active people overcome their pain, and get back to enjoying their lives.


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