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Kate Sloan

Kate Sloan

Chief Operating Officer & Director of Marketing

"Being in this field is exactly where I am supposed to be. Having the opportunity to give people hope, when all hope has been lost... no words can describe. This is my calling.“

Kate works to spread the news on the potential regenerative medicine offers to many currently suffering injury or illness.  She pours her energy, experience, professionalism, and genuine desire to help others into Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center daily.     

Kate grew up on a farm in Illinois, experiencing the cattle business and working around feedyards with her father. She and her family later moved to Larned, Kansas, before finally settling in Manhattan, Kansas. She studied in Japan for a summer and was class president for two years in high school. She attended Kansas State University for two years before moving to California.

She returned to Kansas and began working with Purple Wave Inc. an online auction company specializing in agriculture and construction equipment. Following a successful run at Purple Wave, Kate joined Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center in 2014.  

No matter where she goes, Kate will find adventure and make new friends.  She takes any leadership opportunity she crosses and is always on the lookout for ways to improve the customer’s experience.

In her free time, Kate spends time with her family, loves traveling, enjoys outdoor activities, and a good adrenaline rush.


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