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Kate Sloan

Kate Sloan

Chief Operating Officer & Director of Marketing

"Being in this field is exactly where I am supposed to be. Having the opportunity to give people hope, when all hope has been lost... no words can describe. This is my calling.“

Kate Sloan is the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Marketing at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center (KRMC), a position she has held since the center's inception in March 2014. With over nine years of experience at KRMC, Kate is an integral part of the team and has a deep passion for regenerative medicine.

Before joining KRMC, Kate worked with people in the Ag community and abroad, gaining valuable experience in helping people through innovative technology. However, her true calling was regenerative medicine, where she could make a difference in patients' lives.

Kate is a versatile leader, knowledgeable in all aspects of the business, from Stem Cell Technicians to office management to patient education. She trains all employees to ensure the clinic runs smoothly and focuses on delivering an exceptional patient experience. Kate's goal is to treat patients like royalty, starting from the moment they call the office, through their entire journey as a KRMC patient, and beyond.

KRMC's follow-up surveys, which capture patients' outcomes for up to five years, are crucial to Kate. She believes that the data gathered shows how adipose (fat)-derived stem cell therapy can help patients, and it is essential to continue to collect this information.

Kate is convinced that regenerative medicine is the medicine of the future, and KRMC is leading the charge by offering these treatments today.


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