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Ken  Woods

Ken Woods


“After extensive research and having stem cell therapy myself with great results,  I knew I wanted to help bring this type of treatment and pain relief to others.” 

Ken Woods feels Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center will help bring relief to others as it did for him and his friend John. Their goal is to potentially help enhance the lives of others by allowing them to participate in life, rather than just observe it due to pain.

Ken Woods was born in Oklahoma and raised in a small town in southwestern part of Kansas. He attended Kansas State University and graduated from Northwest Oklahoma State University in 1995. He has spent most of his professional life as a lender to farmers and ranchers in Kansas. He has worked with two different institutions and has helped each grow at a record pace by using hard work and strong integrity within his industry. He is an active graduate of the Kansas Agricultural Rural Leaders program. Ken proudly runs a small cow and calf operation that developed its roots with his Grandfather’s cow herd.

Sixteen years ago Ken had his first knee surgery as a result of an athletic injury and eventually received four more. Ken was bone-on-bone on one knee for several years and simply managed to deal with the daily pain. He has always been told by surgeons that he needed knee replacement but due to his young age he should attempt to deal with the pain and delay the replacement as long as possible. Ken reasoned that technology and treatment methods would improve the longer he waited, and thus he took his daily pain in stride. But when he began experiencing severe worsening pain in early 2013, he began looking for alternatives to knee replacement.

After much research, he and his friend John decided to receive stem cell therapy.  They both experienced such amazing results that they decided to find a way to bring this technology to Kansas, as they understood that many people could not travel across the country to have this procedure performed. They created a partnership with some talented and dedicated local Kansas physicians with impeccable skills and ethics to share this innovative procedure with patients throughout the Midwest.

In Ken’s free time he enjoys spending time with his wife. He is an avid Kansas State University fan and enjoys many outdoor activities, with a particular passion for golf.


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