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Dr. Andrew Pope - LIVE Interview on Good Morning Kansas, KAKE TV

Dr. Andrew Pope, MD, Co-Medical Director at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center talks about what regenerative medicine is, where we get your stem cells from, what we can potentially help someone with - arthritis being our #1 condition treated, how the process of adipose (fat)-derived stem cell therapy works at KRMC and the benefits of using YOUR OWN stem cells vs. stem cells coming from unknown/"donated" sources and how this procedure can be an alternative to invasive surgery or long-term opioid usage. 

To learn more and to see if adipose (fat)-derived stem cell therapy at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center is right for you or a loved one, visit or call us to set up a FREE consultation at (844) 320-4700. 

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Our research-based treatments use your own stem cells to accelerate your healing — without surgery.

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