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“I’ve been to the US 30 times and my trip to Manhattan, Kansas was the best."

Bellator MMA Featherweight Champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire, accompanied by his Wrestling Coach Eric Albarracin, traveled from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil to Manhattan, Kansas, for treatment at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center in hopes of accelerating his healing, followinhis recent title defense win against Daniel Straus this month.

“I’ve been to the US 30 times and my trip to Manhattan, Kansas was the best.  I am very grateful for the treatment and looking forward to the potential results.” Patricio “Pitbull” Freire

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire previously had a knee injury, which occurred during a Bellator photo shoot, and past injuries to both his shoulder and hand, and was looking forward to the possibility of a quicker recovery.

The connection was made between a close friend of KRMC President Pat Farley who received stem cell therapy on his knees and torn Achilles tendon. These injuries had accumulated  over decades of sports including being on the 1987 Arizona State University Rose Bowl championship team.  “I have experienced pain free knees for the 1st time in 15 years, and my torn Achilles has improved dramatically” said Rich Bear. “I received my therapy in September and have had amazing results. The people at KRMC are world class, kind, and professional; they made the procedure as pleasant and relaxing as possible. I consider myself a stem cell evangelist now because I believe so strongly that it will change the world of healing as we know it.” 

He went on to say ”Because of my personal success,  my friend Eric Albarracin  immediately noticed the difference in mobility and that I no longer limped. Eric wanted to see if it could help his World Champion fighter.” So the introductions began.

The President of Kansas RMC, Pat Farley, has been a practitioner of martial arts for decades and is one of the biggest MMA fans you will ever meet.  He has trained with Rich under Grandmaster Andrew Bauman in Ja Shin Do since 1993. He was also in the first ever Gracie Instructors Combatives course, training under the famous Gracie Jiu Jitsu family; who originally popularized MMA by creating the UFC in 1993.  Pat was thrilled to say the least to help Patricio receive the stem cell therapy.

Introductions ensued between Pat Farley and Eric Albarracin, and the two began communicating to discuss treatment for “Pitbull”. There were some logistics involved travelling to Manhattan, Kansas from Brazil, but the two arrived tired, but ready to go.

Besides providing incredible treatment to their patient’s, the people of Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center demonstrate hospitality and a friendly reception that is not easily forgotten.   Manhattan, Kansas is absolutely picturesque.  A charming town where Kansas State University is located and people often know each other and everyone is genuinely friendly.  Albarracin and Freire stayed at a cattle ranch, shopped for western wear, and the day following the treatment; horseback riding and a fun shooting contest, which Pitbull won.  Everyone became fast friends and Eric and Patricio didn’t want to leave Kansas.  It’s just that special.

The procedure performed on Patricio “Pitbull” Freire begins with a local anesthetic followed by liposuction from the “love handle” area to remove adipose fat from which the stem cells are extracted.  His stem cells are then injected into the injured areas, such as the knee or shoulder, to improve healing. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is also produced from the patient’s own blood and used in combination with stem cells.

Patricio said “I’ve been to the US 30 times and my trip to Manhattan, Kansas was the best.  I am very grateful for the treatment and looking forward to the potential results.”

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