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Knee Replacement Wasn't The Only Way To Fix Damaged Knee

A farmer and construction equipment operator must be able to get up in the tractor seat.

Charlie Loiseau of Frankfort, Kansas, was having a hard time getting his work done.

“I could hardly get up out of a chair and getting on my equipment became almost impossible,” Loiseau said.

His right knee was the main problem. “The orthopedic surgeon insisted that knee replacement surgery was the only way to fix it,” Loiseau said.

That diagnosis didn’t suit the Marshall County farmer whose main business is Charlie’s Construction.

“I’d heard about stem cell therapy at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center in Manhattan. So I decided to check that out before undergoing surgery,” he said.

Loiseau went to Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center (KRMC) where Dr. Frank Lyons evaluated the knee ailment.

“He said there was plenty of knee cartilage so stem cell therapy might help the issue without surgery,” Loiseau said.

Decision was made to try that treatment at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center in Manhattan.

“Dr. Lyons clarified there was no guarantee that the therapy would work, but it sure could,” Loiseau said. “There really wasn’t any risk involved putting my own cells in the sore knee, so why not do it?”

When Dr. Lyons at KRMC collected Loiseau’s stem cells there were enough for treating additional ailments.

“He also put them in my left knee and my right shoulder which had been giving me some issues, too,” Loiseau said.

The whole procedure took just half a day with no complications. “I was there when the clinic opened at 8 o’clock and walked out before noon,” the farmer said.

“Dr. Lyons said not to expect any improvement in my bad knee for one to three months,” Loiseau said. “But it was already feeling better by the end of the first week.”

That’s been nearly four years ago. “The procedure at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center turned out perfect. I have no problems whatsoever,” Loiseau credited.

“The doctor said someday I’d forget which knee was so bad,” Loiseau said. “Well I remember which one it is, but there’s no pain in the knee. Plus, there’s no pain in my shoulder anymore either. It’s perfect too.”

Charlie’s Construction business takes Loiseau to other parts of the country. “We put in field drain tile and do quite a bit of work in South Dakota,” he said. “I don’t have any trouble getting around and no difficulties getting on and off and operating equipment.”

Loiseau is anxious to tell others, too. “I’m very happy about the treatment received at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center,” he said. “I’ve told a lot of people how great the stem cells work.

“When I hear about somebody with a problem or planning to have surgery, I recommend checking out stem cell therapy at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center.

“It does work and using my own cells collected right at KRMC, there’s nothing to worry about. No risk involved,” Loiseau declared.

“Many say regenerative medicine is the medicine of the future,” stated Kate Farley, director of patient education at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center.

“We believe the future is now. Using the safest source of stem cells, your own, we can treat a variety of medical conditions. It’s an alternative to traditional methods, such as medication or invasive surgery,” Farley pointed out.

“This procedure is a same-day, minimally invasive surgery, with little to no downtime,” she explained.

Commonly treated conditions include knee arthritis, sports injuries, partially torn rotator cuff, hip, ankle, hand, spine and chronic pain. Certain neurological and autoimmune conditions can also be effectively treated.

In March 2014, Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center was founded in Manhattan, Kansas, and in 2017, a second location was opened in Overland Park, Kansas.

“With more than five years of experience, KRMC has treated nearly 2,000 patients from around the country and world. For a variety of medical conditions,” Farley said. “KRMC has built a reputation as one of the top regenerative medicine centers in the country.”

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