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Military Veteran Receives Stem Cell Therapy After Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury


Dr. Peloquin- “One of my two favorite things to do in preventive medicine to do is to take care of those who sacrifice their lives or are injured fighting for our country. One gentleman in particular was here at Fort Riley and was injured in a severe motorcycle accident.”

Blaine’s Mother -“Blaine suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was out on a weekend riding his motorcycle, a young lady pulled out front of him and hit him head on. Blaine suffered a major brain injury, a fractured jaw, broken collarbone, broken ribs and a punctured and lacerated lung. The main thing that has affected him most is the brain injury leaving him 100% disabled.”

Blaine’s father-“We would go to the end of the earth for Blaine. We tried acupuncture, we are doing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. He really had plateaued. Most things weren’t working, there were things we wanted to try that his doctors would not authorize, because he was too far past his brain injury.”Dr. Peloquin- “He couldn’t hold his head up, he couldn’t sit up straight, he couldn’t use his hands. If you put your hand in his hand, he could hold it a little bit. He couldn’t move his arms and utilize them. He had no use of his legs. They traveled all the way back down here to Manhattan, Kansas specifically to have stem cells done at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center just because of the reputation we started to develop around the country.”

Blaine’s Mother-“This is actually the exact place that Blaine received his injury so we have now come full circle.”

Blaine’s father-“Since we had the stem cells 6 months ago, there have been so many things, I’m sure we are forgetting a lot of things, things like his body temperature regulating were the things that we didn’t notice until we sat down and thought about it.”

Blaine’s mother-“He also is able to feed himself based upon the type of food, if it’s something that he can stab with a fork and it stays on the fork because he doesn’t have a tremor. He can feed himself and he also is able to give himself drinks on his own.”

Blaine’s mother-“Without this place without KRMC, I don’t know where we would be today. Its like they are waking up, it’s like they’ve been sleeping and the stem cells are making that connection so that the brain, arm, hand and leg are starting to work again.”

Dr. Peloquin- “After we treated him, his mother sent us back videos of Blaine writing his name on a whiteboard, it wasn’t  perfect penmanship but that’s not the point. The point is Blaine can now write. Blaine can now hold his head up.  About a month later they sent us pictures of Blaine sitting up with minimal support in a chair, in his physical therapy place. Everyone’s excited thinking eventually he will be able to hold himself up. He has much more use of his arms, he can turn his head and you wouldn’t believe the difference in his appearance, he has a sparkle in his eye.”

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