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Tammy Houk Finds Relief from Knee Pain

Most people who have joint pain are able to pinpoint an exact date of when they injured it or overworked it. For Tammy Houk, she doesn’t remember a specific date when the pain began. For her, it was more of a hereditary condition as her aunts, grandmas and even mother all had knee issues that led to replacements.StellaTammy0001.jpg

“I can remember being 19 years old and having my right knee popping while I was walking up and down stairs. I was definitely not athletic, so I knew it wasn’t caused by sports and wearing out my joints,” Tammy recalls. “I was never over weight either, in fact, I was kind of underweight most of my life. I figured with all things considered it had to have been heredity.”

When Tammy was 30 years older she started walking a lot. Later on, after getting a Siberian husky and learning their energy level, she began taking her on a three mile walk after work every night. This became a routine for her and the dog. Not only was she a routine walker, but she ran often as well.

The company Tammy was working had a nutritionist on staff, who would spend a decent amount of time working out. She soon got Tammy hooked on going to the gym over her lunch hour with her. During her gym sessions Tammy became really interested in weight lifting and learning all of the techniques. Within a few years her right knee started killing her. “I would be standing there, doing nothing, and my knee felt like it was on fire,” Tammy says. “At this point I didn’t know I could do anything to fix my knee to help get rid of the pain. So I just kept living with the pain and sucked it up.”

After going many years with the pain, and having to give up spin class due to the pain, she finally spoke up to her primary physician in regards to her joint pain. He referred her to the orthopedist and there the doctor told her that she would need her knee scoped and that she would no longer be able to run. Hearing this was heart-breaking, and she refused to believe that was her fate. She did, however, proceed with the scope and tried to get back into her normal routine following the procedure. It took her several long weeks to be able to walk like normal without limping. Over time, the left knee had the same destiny as the right one; it needed scoped. Upon evaluation of her knees, this time the physicians suggested knee replacements that would be 15-20 years down the road. Given her family history, this came as no surprise to Tammy, but it was discouraging to her with her lifestyle and workout routines.

“Post knee scopes, I had to give up squats, lunges, spin class, running, hot yoga, and even swimming. I was in severe pain, and often. I would still do some weight lifting and other workouts, but the pain was always there, but I would push through it since I wanted to try and stay fit. I would have to ice my knees constantly, before and after working out.”

While working for Kansas Livestock Association she heard about Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center. Tammy remembers the reasons she looked into KRMC. “I had heard of KRMC, knew the Lyons family, and had heard that you had a great reputation as well as fantastic results from many of our KLA members. I had given up too many things that I loved and there was no way I could wait another 15-20 years to have something done about my knees; I had to do something and soon.”

Tammy decided soon after researching the clinic to make the trip to Manhattan for the consultation, where she learned that she was a candidate, and immediately booked the procedure. “As bad as my pain was I would’ve booked a procedure even if Dr. Lyons had given me a 50% chance of success.”

Once the procedure was done, her recovery was quick with minimal pain. She did experience the soreness at the injection and extraction sites, but otherwise got along great. She returned to work the following day and returned to the gym a week after the procedure. Within two weeks of being back in the gym, she had built her way back to her old routines.

The first couple of months Tammy’s knees still have a lot of pain, but she knew this procedure was working, and took care of her body accordingly, so the stem cells could work properly. She first started noticing “differences” several months after her procedure with her knees popping less.

“I started noticing differences. Simple things, like my knees not popping as much as before. It went on like this for several months before one day I woke up and realized I had virtually no pain.”

Every year in May Tammy does a deep clean on her house for a solid weekend. From May 2015, to when she was cleaning a year later in May 2016, there were amazing changes that made this her stem cell aha! moment.

“I have a two-story house and the heaviest vacuum cleaner you can imagine. In May 2015, I had excruciating pain with every step I took carrying that vacuum cleaner and this year when I was at the top of the stairs is when I realized I had climbed them all with NO pain! I couldn’t believe it,” she exclaimed. And this was just the beginning.

She is now back to attending spin class three times a week, has added resistance to her workout, and does not have to take ibuprofen anymore. Before coming to receive stem cells she had to ice her knees continually. She didn’t realize how swollen her knee had been until the inflammation diminished. This has given her back the confidence to wear dresses and skirts that are knee length since she doesn’t have to hide her swollen knee anymore.

When talking to Tammy, she reflected on her results and experience with stem cells. “I love that your clinic was local, in Kansas, and that there was little down time post procedure. I told my gym instructor that you just can’t believe it’s going to work like it does. You hear people say it’s a miracle, but you can’t imagine those kind of results until it happens to you. This is one of the best things I’ve ever spent my money on.”

Not only is Tammy back in the gym on a regular basis, but she is walking, running, weight lifting, living proof that stem cells can work. With the use of your own stem cells, Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center can help you get back to the activities you once loved.

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