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Kansas Sheriffs Association - 2018 Training Convention & Trade Show

2018 Training Convention & Trade Show











Kansas Sheriffs Association 2018 Training Convention & Trade Show 


We had a great show and a wonderful time having a booth at the 2018 Kansas Sheriffs Association Training Convention & Trade Show yesterday in Dodge City, KS. What a great group of people!

We were also so lucky to have one of our dear, past patients & friends, Karen Lutgen-Cope, wife of Sheriff Jeff Cope of Lyon County, join us at our booth - wanting to spread the word about how using your body's very OWN stem cells with Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center can be life-changing.

Karen was treated for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in July of 2017 and says she is still doing AMAZING. She says the past 15 months have been incredible, as she's been able to do things she hasn't been able to do for the previous 10 years while suffering from symptoms of MS.

Click the link below to hear her story:

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