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Stem Cell Treatment to Enjoy Retirement

I am Feeling Better Than I Did When I Retired. “Retirement isn’t worth it if you don’t have your health.” - Kevin Shankland

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“This is a note to let you know how much this treatment has helped me. In March 2016 I was off to Argentina on a red stag hunt. I was able to walk three to four miles a day hunting without pain. Then in August I went to Africa on safari. Again, I was able to walk and hunt all day without pain. Thanks again!”

Days like this make our entire staff reassured that we are working in an industry that is changing the way people can get relief without surgery. After reading this patient’s letter, I decided to give him a call and talk more in depth about his pain prior to stem cells and post stem cells to better understand his success. A letter and pictures, such as his, could not be ignored!

Kevin Shankland had been suffering from knee pain several years before looking into stem cell treatment. About 10 years ago, he had a staph infection and was hospitalized due to the severity of the infection. Kevin didn’t realize the seriousness of this diagnosis, nor how bad it had gotten. Under the hospitals care, he was told they may have to amputate. Luckily for him, the infection cleared enough to avoid amputation. After being released, he underwent physical therapy for 12 weeks to learn how to walk properly again.

Before and after Kevin’s infection, he had worked as a farmer and ran a truck dock. He was constantly working on concrete, wearing his knee joints down. Farming wasn’t any easier on his body. Daily he was walking long distances, lifting, pulling, and pushing to get his chores done. When he was done with his daily routines he would return to his two story home and attempt to get to his bedroom which was on the second level. The pain became so unbearable that some nights he could not walk upstairs. Eventually, he had to retire due to the level of pain he was in.

When I was talking with Kevin he said, “Retirement isn’t worth it if you don’t have your health. You may have money and time, but if you don’t have your health, you can’t properly enjoy your retirement.” Once the pain became too great to bear any longer, Kevin began to look into treatment options. He stumbled upon our clinic by word of mouth, and hasn’t looked back. It’s been a year since Kevin’s procedure and he is progressing nicely. He is now able to get upstairs to his bedroom with little to no pain. He can’t run, but is walking much better.

“Within 60 days of my treatment I was feeling and noticing differences. My hunting trips to Argentina and Africa were scheduled prior to coming to the Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center and I don’t think the trips would have been as successful had I not come to get the stem cell procedure. I am feeling better than I did when I retired. I have been more active than I have in a long time. I want to fully enjoy my retirement as well as the rest of my life and I think on headed down the right path for that. I’m quite happy with my results.”

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