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70% Savings Expected on Treating Orthopedic Injuries

With Partnership between Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center, KRMC Physicians, LLC & Corporate Plan Management, Inc.

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Adding KRMC’s Stem Cell Therapy to an employer’s group health benefits can produce a savings of over 70% on orthopedic injuries where, previously, surgery would have been the only option. In addition, Stem Cell Therapy shows reduced absenteeism in the workplace while reducing the risk of opiate addiction.

KRMC and Corporate Plan Management (CPM) have partnered together to offer self-insured groups access to a new healthcare benefit that is an alternative solution to traditional surgery and medications. Stem Cell Therapy is a less invasive and more economical solution for various illnesses and injuries. This new benefit has proven to greatly reduce the ever-growing expense that other treatments can cost health plans.

KRMC, is a local research-led Stem Cell Therapy company made up of world class doctors. They are leading the way in science-based Stem Cell Therapy and their practices are located in Manhattan, KS and Overland Park, KS. KRMC uses a person’s own stem cells to treat a variety of medical conditions, such as knee arthritis, partially torn rotator cuff, labral tear, nerve entrapment, chronic back pain, degenerative disc disease, and some autoimmune diseases. See for a full list of conditions that may be treated with Stem Cell Therapy.

With more than five years of experience, KRMC has built a reputation as one of the top regenerative medicine centers in the country. More than two thousand patients from all over the country and world, have chosen KRMC as a preferred provider in stem cell therapy. Many of their patients have been able to avoid surgeries such as knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement or back surgery.

CPM,, is an industry-disrupting Third Party Administrator (TPA) that administers employee benefits and specializes in self-funded group health insurance. CPM’s innovative solutions are proven to increase savings while designing comprehensive, low deductible health plans for companies of all sizes. 

When clients choose to adopt the proper plan document language, there is a smooth implementation process and CPM’s groups gain access to the substantial benefits offered through KRMC’s Stem Cell Therapy.

CPM and KRMC both pride themselves on delivering personalized, exceptional care to their clients and look forward to working with your company.

Employers: If you aren't using CPM to administer your employee benefits and self-funded group health insurance benefits, you should contact them right away to learn more. If you are already with CPM, be sure to ask them about this benefit!

Employees: If your company has self-funded group health insurance, ask your employer about this right away!

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary area of medicine that is going to play a large role in everyday medicine in the near future.

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