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No two stem cell treatment centers are alike



One of the best parts about our digital world is how quickly we can access almost anything. Whether it’s shoes in a special size, reservations for dinner or documents outlining our family tree, with just a few clicks, we can usually find what we’re looking for.

But there can be a downside to this wealth of information. Namely, how do we know what’s legit and what’s just an attempt to get us to click?

From time-to-time, we see misinformation about stem cell treatment. It’s usually something taken out of context or that only tells half the story. Just like any other business, not all stem cell treatment centers are the same. Here are a few facts about Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center that we think you should know.  

We only administer stem cell treatment for certain conditions. Most patients come to us for potential relief from inflammatory and degenerative conditions, as well as heart, urological and neurological disorders. Stem cell treatment is shown to be effective at treating joint, bone, orthopedic and back pain, as well as some autoimmune conditions.

Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center doesn’t treat patients with cancer, eye disorders or active infections. In fact, on average we turn away about one-third of those who come to us because stem cell treatment isn’t the right option for their condition.

Our patients decide if treatment is right for them. Patients meet with one of our physicians, all of whom have expertise in stem cell therapy. During the free consultation, the doctor and patient discuss if stem cell treatment is a possibility. If it’s a viable approach, the patient decides if they’ll proceed.

Our procedures meet strict industry standards. The care protocols used in our office are approved by an Institutional Review Board and have been used worldwide for more than ten years. In addition, our staff is trained to follow the industry’s most stringent sterility techniques.

We’re regulated by the state medical board. The FDA protects public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy and security of drugs, medical devices, and biological products. The medical procedure we provide doesn’t fall in those categories. Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center is regulated by the state medical board, rather than the FDA.

Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center only uses local anesthetic. Patients stay awake during stem cell procedures in our office. We use only local anesthetic to access a patient’s fat cells – never general anesthesia. This is a key reason most of our patients report little or no downtime from the same-day procedure.

Our medical staff receives regular training. Our three physicians in Manhattan have 60 years’ of combined experience in pain management and radiology. They lead the Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center team of medical technicians, whom all undergo regular and rigorous training of industry care standards.

Our founders benefitted from stem cell treatment. The founders of Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center have nine knee surgeries between them. Before stem cell treatment, they were managing pain on a daily basis, just like many of our patients.

It’s really important to us that we maintain open communication with you. If there’s something you want to know about the Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center office or our stem cell treatment, just ask. We want you to know what’s legit and what’s just an effort to get you to click.

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