Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center is a Manhattan, Kansas company born from the life changing experience of its founders, both of whom have successfully received stem cell therapy.  After hearing a lecture about stem cells given by a world leading animal stem cell expert, our founders John Farley and Ken Woods asked “would this work for us?”

John and Ken have had nine knee surgeries between them, along with many various other orthopedic pains, associated with working in the cattle business and from sports related injuries.  Both shared the frustration of not being able to fully enjoy being more active in sports, working on the ranch or playing with grand children due to various orthopedic injuries causing them pain.  They finally decided that living with pain and daily medication was no longer acceptable.

After listening to John and Ken, the expert shared his success with stem cell therapy he had received for a severe shoulder problem.  He said that even after many months of normal physical therapy rehabilitation, his shoulder was still in daily pain and lacked full mobility. He explained that he then sought out a premier physician offering adipose adult stem cell therapy, also known as stromal vascular fraction (SVF). Having found one who was working under an Institutional Review Board (IRB) and very strict guidelines, the expert was then very successfully treated himself.

Understanding that there are no 100% guarantees of success, both John and Ken then decided anything that could help ease their daily pains was worth a try. They both sought out and successfully received adipose stem cell therapy.  John and Ken waited for months in order to confirm their new found pain relief and positive results were genuine and lasting.  Knowing that so many others were also suffering and unaware of this potential help, they decided to open Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center.

 Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center is now an affiliate of the highly trained Cell Surgical Network, with over forty of the top multidisciplinary physicians in the world working together under the same (IRB) protocols. This network shares case information and assists other network affiliates with unique cases, to ensure the patient is best served. Kansas Regenerative Medicine now has a wonderful new medical facility in Manhattan, Kansas, focused solely on adipose adult stem cell therapy.

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Stem Cells and the FDA

Stem cell treatment is not approved by the FDA for any specific disease.

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