David Cross, Past President/Kansas Livestock Association

“I can now do what I really love, move cattle on horseback all day long, without depending on daily pain medication. I am amazed at my recovery and would recommend this procedure to all who suffer as I did.”

Mary Ann Kniebel

“The physicians and people at KRMC are great. They treated my painful joints and I am now feeling dramatic, positive changes. They gave me the freedom back I thought was lost.”

Dee Likes – Former CEO of the Kansas Livestock Association.

“It’s an amazing procedure and process. I was in almost constant discomfort and pain, I couldn’t raise my arm or lift anything. After the injection with stem cells I have no restrictions with my movement.”

Lonnie Hoops

“I wasn’t sleeping at night. I was taking pain pills every 3 hours. A month after visiting Kansas RMC, I threw the pain pills away.”

Craig Miller

“My knees had been bothering me for quite some time. After a week’s time (from treatment at KRMC), I was on top of the world. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt.”

Heather Orava

“I had a significant injury on my right ankle and had two surgeries and almost two years of physical therapy. I still had a lot of pain. When I heard about Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center, I jumped at the chance. I flew from Vermont and it was like a day at the spa. It was pretty much painless. Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center has changed my life.”

John Pickett

“Both of my thumbs and wrists were worn out from driving trucks for 30 years. I heard one morning going into work about Kansas RMC and made an appointment. I couldn’t be happier. I have no pain in my thumbs or my shoulder and have full mobility.”

Nancy Hinrichs

“After treatment at Kansas Regenerative Medicine, I’ve had success with the treatment. My shoulders are really doing well, I can turn my neck much easier, I’m more active, I sleep better and I’ve found that this is really something that’s helping the problem.”

Rosalie McMullen

“My tremors are much, much better, the arthritis in my hands was gone in 3 days. I am much more mobile. The pain is gone in my back and my neck. I’m certainly enjoying all of the improvements and I’m very, very pleased.”

Mike Blaske

“I had a lack of cartilage between my kneecaps and lower back problems. One of the best things I have ever done is go to Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center. It has changed my life and I carry on as if I was 30 years younger than I am now.”

Kert McKeone

“My ankle had gotten so bad I was looking at a possible ankle replacement. Today, my ankle is better and I don’t even think about my knee now. I really enjoyed working with the staff at KRMC. They are just a wonderful group of people.”

Cleland McBurney

“I sustained an injury to my knee and lived with it until for a year. Upon visiting KRMC, the procedure went very well and was successful. I now have no pain, full range of motion and was quite an experience. I think I made the right choice.”

Brian Winter

“I had achilles tendonitis and it had become swollen and caused a lot of discomfort. The ease of working with Kansas Regenerative Medicine really worked out. I started seeing improvement in 3 weeks. It’s a vast improvement and helped avoid surgery. It was well worth it.”

Duane Ludwig

I recently tweaked my knee again and that’s why I’m back again to get the stem cells to rejuvenate and get back to square one.